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Turn repetitive into revenue.

Sit back and relax while we deliver responses 24/7.

LinkedIn ProFinder is now Services Marketplace. However, manual proposal sending is still a drag. We'll take care of it all, so you can get back to coaching.

Compatible with Services Marketplace. Powered by AI.

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How it Works

We respond to all inbound client requests like a human. But, robots don't need coffee.

Engage hundreds of client coaching, resume writing, and interview prep requests daily without lifting a finger. Our robots never sleep.

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Grow your practice

You only have one opportunity to make the "top 5" freelancers shown to the client on LinkedIn.

We see most competitive, high-value proposals filled in under 5 minutes. In our research, being the first in line is more important the content of your proposal. We use AI to personalize each response for a higher conversion rate.

Why proautomatr?

We're kinda good at

what we do.

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Easy setup

Set it up once, and you're good to go. No hassle or code required.

Our software sits on our goverment-grade servers, not your desktop. It's safe, secure, and fast.


We send around the clock with each message personalized by AI. Something even the best virtual assistant can't match.

More affordable than a VA

Grammar-perfect AI personalization

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Security & Testing

Try new variations of your script to see which lands the most clients. We're also the most secure platform in the game.

Test responses

Secure government servers

Test pricing

Skip career levels you're not interested in working with


The most humanized, non-human responses on the planet.

Our technology was built to be entirely stealth-mode in it's interaction with LinkedIn to keep you secure.

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The latest from our

automation nerds.

Our Clients

Why coaches like proautomatr?

"I doubled my coaching practice without doubling my prospecting."

We helped Mark get back to coaching and away from refreshing his browser in the middle of the night.

mark career coach

Mark H.

Resume Writer & Career Coach


1 / What is ProFinder Automation?

ProFinder Automation is the act of replacing tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone manual proposal sending on LinkedIn ProFinder & Service Marketplace with an automatic, 24/7 proposal sending service like ProAutomatr.

2 / Do I need to download anything?

Nope! Our service is entirely managed by our team & tech. There's no tech to learn or download.

3 / How safe is ProFinder Automation?

Our platform is built on government-grade servers in Virginia. We have never once had a security issue or even a forced logout from LinkedIn. You are 100% secure.

4 / What categories do you assist with on LinkedIn Profinder?

We help all categories, with many customers in career coaching, resume writing, interview preparation, financial planning, and accounting. Our AI adjusts your proposal to customer needs.

5/ What if I need more than one seat license for my company?

We offer enterprise pricing for company's needing more than 3 ProAutomatr seat licenses. Just ask!

6 / Can multiple users of ProAutomatr in the same category compete on ProFinder?

LinkedIn has a unique algorithm that spreads leads evenly (and randomly) across a large population of freelancers. For this reason, you're rarely competing with other ProAutomatr users.

7 / What can I expect from your AI personalization?

We modify your existing language and tone to suit each client proposal--the same way you or a virtual assistance would do--instantly, around-the-clock.

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